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  • Full Size Poker Table

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    Full Size Poker Table
    Item# 7-PORTABLE

    Product Description

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    About the Full-size Portable Poker Table. The Full-size Portable Poker Table measures 48 x 96 inches (122cm x 244cm) and can accommodate 9-10 players. This no-frills table is still made with casino-quality materials. The high-density rail foam, Whisper vinyl, Volara closed-cell padding, and Suited Speed Cloth all come from the States and are the same as we use on our high-end Custom-made Poker Tables.

    Height-adjustable Ikea "A" legs and a running support frame underneath the table make for a very sturdy playing surface. You can put elbows all around and it won't tip or sag. I made several tables myself, but have found my own master craftsman, Melvin, in Singapore who now upholsters the rails. His rails have no seams, no wrinkles, and perfect tension. The rail really makes the table a poker table.

    You can choose from a few different options. The playing surface and rail can either be a complete oval or have a dealer position cutout with a chip tray (for US$133 more). The table can be supported by Ikea A-legs and frame or simply be used as a table top on your existing dining table. And finally, you can buy just buy the padded cloth top by itself (no legs, no rail). The last option is called the Flatwood.

    Tables can be delivered throughout Singapore. Please Email Us for a separate shipping quote to your country.

    Shipping Info: 120lbs/54kg 250x122x15cm.

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